Get your hands on the Best Airline Services

Get your hands on the Best Airline Services

We all have tried out one or multiple airline services to travel from a place to another, saving both time and money. Travelling by air is altogether a different experience than traveling from a bus or train, and you can always get assistance for air travel from Airline’s customer care number. They do not ask for many formalities, but air travel does. Along with this, there are some myths and facts also related to the same.

  • Many airlines follow the rule of providing different meals to the pilots on board, and this is stated because it minimizes the risk of illness to all the pilots at once.
  • The first flight attendant entering the flight has to weigh less than 115 pounds, be it unmarried or trained nurses.
  • The online check-in facility of the flights was introduced back in 1999 and was an initiative by Alaskan Airlines.
  • ATL (Hartsfield Jackson Airport) of Atlanta is the busiest commercial airport, followed by Chicago, London, Tokyo, and Lon Angeles airports.
  • It is also revealed that American Airlines saved around $40,000 in 1987 by serving fewer olives in the salads served in first-class compartments.
  • Before the inventions of pressurized cabins, passengers were asked to carry their oxygen masks during the flights.

All these facts are proven and have taken place in real-time in the initial year of air travel.

  • Contact Details of Airline Companies:

It is a dream for us to take a flight at least once in the lifetime, whereas it is a routine task for most of us. To all those taking their first flight, airline companies have a dedicated customer care team ready to support their passenger 24/7 with all the possible solutions.

In case you are stuck while booking your tickets or have any related confusions, you can always get the assistance of the Phonepe customer care helpline number.

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